5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Christian Education for Your Children

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Christian Education for Your Children

Sending your child to a public school is certainly nothing to frown at. There are many reasons parents choose to send their children to public schools, and ultimately, it’s up to them to decide where they should be educated. However, if the opportunity is there and you’ve given a thought on how your child can benefit from one, then a Christian education should strongly be considered.

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Choosing Private Over Public

If there is no other choice available, then there is certainly nothing wrong with sending your child to a public school. Teachers in the public school system are some of the most understanding and giving people out there. We support their mission and hope children in public schools receive what they need to be successful.

On the other hand, there are also many misconceptions about what a Christian school does. Many think that sending their children to a private religious school will rid them of sins from the “real world.”

Many students attend public schools and universities throughout their lives, but as they start to mature into adulthood, many find themselves missing something. We are taught by studying the Bible and through experience in our lives that a child’s education can have a lasting impact on how they interact and perceive the world around them.

God’s Interpretation

There are many cases when children perceive the wrong information, context, values and points of view and end up with the wrong interpretation of what life means. Every school subject will have its own point of view and every book, whether fiction or nonfiction, will have one as well. Even teachers have them. In a Christian setting, books, history and school subjects will be analyzed from a Christian point of view.

The Full Package

Parent’s lives are extremely busy and most cannot consistently teach and help their children academically throughout the year. Most think they can teach their children all they need to know about values and Christian points of view at home. While the effort certainly is admirable, it can also be daunting. Children spend countless hours of school time with teachers, different subjects and socializing with other kids during a given week. At St. John’s Episcopal Church and School, we’re all about teaching students so they can excel academically and think like the Christians they want to be.

The Real World Argument

While many parents argue that having their children educated in a public school will prepare them for the “real world,” St John’s students are educated exactly with real world scenarios in mind. God’s world is the real world, and His word is what enriches every part of learning. This ultimately ends up influencing every decision people make throughout their lives.

The Long-Term Benefits

Consider this: children spend more time at school talking, sharing and thinking with other students than with their own parents. Parents of public school students worry about what friends their children will make and whether they’ll be a good influence or not. The advantage of a Christian school is that every student and teacher has already pledged their allegiance and faith to God. Remember, in a Christian school, students are taught subjects, social skills and emotional well-being with a Christian point of view. For a young and developing child, this is more than valuable!

Your Children Matter to Us

At St. John’s, we want to help students with their values, ambitions, lives and the role that they’ll end up with in the world. With a Christian education, they’ll be informed and educated individuals who can make proper decisions in the real world. If you’re ready for your child to take the next step in their academic journey, then contact our private school in McAllen today to schedule a tour!

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