5 Things Your Child Should Know About Humility

5 Things Your Child Should Know About Humility

Humility is very rare out of all character traits. It’s also one that’s desperately needed in today’s world. At St. John’s Episcopal Church & School, staff and peers who encourage the formation of such traits will guide your child. We encourage you to call or visit us so that your child can start reaping the benefits of a Christian education. Below are some helpful tips to help your child develop important life traits.

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Helping Others

Christ taught His disciples to be servants; it’s a humble definition. If children see themselves as servants of God, they will naturally be able to develop an attitude of humility. It’s the best way to raise an emotionally and spiritually healthy boy or girl. It doesn’t matter if you have a 4-year-old or a 14-year-old. It’s never too late or early to start teaching them of humble servant-hood. Teach your children to serve others, especially the elderly, less fortunate and those in need. It will help them sharpen their social skills and build confidence.

Admitting Mistakes

Admitting to being wrong is part of the fabric of humility. Children need to learn and see that people think of them just as much as elders. When they are faced with criticism, they shouldn’t be in an environment that expects them to instantly defend themselves. Instead, they need to learn and consider the merits of what is being told.

A great way for them to learn this is by being compassionate when they admit their mistakes. A confession or conversation is always better instead of a lie or cover-up. Also consider setting an example by admitting your own mistakes to them. Watch and see how your child’s eyes brighten as you say, “I was very wrong, could you find it in your heart to forgive me?”


This is a trait that considers the feelings and needs of others. A child cannot grow up to live a God-fulfilling life if they don’t have empathy towards others. Teach your children to cooperate with others by helping those who are struggling, by befriending someone or helping at a time in need. Instead of bribing children to motivate them to do something for others, encourage that inner feeling of warmth and compassion to come out of them. This intrinsic reward will be much greater and more valuable than material goods.

Satisfaction vs. Pride

When children accomplish something, whether it’s a race or task, it’s important for them to bask in the joy of performing well. However, keep a close eye on disrespectful behavior when they show signs of superiority or looking down on others. Encourage sportsmanship and help them understand the achievements of others and how it benefits the team or everyone’s efforts.

Be a Role Model

Let your children see the real you. Let them see you make mistakes, let them see you ask for directions, let them see you listen and read and seek the word of God and wisdom. Let them see that you’re interested in what’s going on with them as well. Ask them questions when they get home from school and let them see how teachable you are as well. When your children see the humility in you, they’ll want to be humble as well.

Why a Christian Education is Important

Education is such an important part of growing up along with creating values such as humility, confidence and empathy. Your child will spend more time at our school under the guidance of teachers and with the support of peers. St John’s Episcopal Church & School is a place where our disciplining techniques and value system are aligned with yours. Call or visit our Christian school today in McAllen to get started.

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