6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Christian School for Your Child’s Education

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Christian School for Your Child’s Education

Every parent knows that their young children spend more time at school each week than anywhere else. This is why a school or other learning environment is one of the most transformative places a child will ever be a part of. St John’s Episcopal Church & School can be a place to form and instill a lifetime’s worth of character traits and principles. Let’s take a look at six benefits of having your child attend a Christian school.

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Helping Them Form Their Character

Character development and a firm foundation of morals and ethics are crucial in today’s fast-paced environment where anyone’s beliefs can come into question. At St John’s, our philosophy and curriculum can help your child form a strong belief system to help them bridge the gap in today’s diverse world.

Following the Bible

As with every Christian school, we embrace the Bible for what it is: the Word of God. Everyone at St John’s becomes familiar with the Bible from the start, and every advice instilled in it becomes part of what it means to be part of our student body. Our students have the opportunity to walk away with teachings and studies that can help them better understand how everything in our world relates to God’s Word.

Shared Moral Values

If you read the Bible and follow the moral values instilled within it, then you’d be hard pressed to argue against a Christian education. A strong spiritual and moral foundation is the core of what makes St John’s Episcopal Church & School a place to form a strong spiritual identity. We believe that if a student is provided with a safe and healthy environment to learn about the Word of God while being educated on their character and intellect, then living their life can be much easier.

Christian Principles at Every Turn

Every teacher plays an important role for each of our students. Why is this important? Your child will spend a majority of the school year under the influence of his or her instructor, and, just like you, our teachers demonstrate and follow the Christian principles of our religion.

Aligned Christian Values

Christian values with strong academics are front and center at St John’s, which makes the environment ideal for spiritual growing. In a public school, students are taught to examine history through a variety of points of view. It’s quite unlikely that many of those will be through the Christian faith. For example, at our school, if students are studying justice, part of the lesson can include the topic of how Jesus Christ was a champion of this issue to his many followers.

Supporting Each Other

A nurturing environment is a place where like-minded students can share their experiences on the grounds of similar values. Here, your child can find students reinforcing Christian values and habits that will lead to a more productive attitude. This can give them an incentive to encourage, influence and support others.

Helping Your Child

At St John’s, we have the staff, student body and curriculum to help your child develop their spiritual self. Combined with teachers and fellow classmates who share the same values, your child can become a smart, compassionate and great follower of God. If you’re ready for your child to take a new and exciting educational path, then call or visit our Christian school in McAllen today!

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