7 Reasons for Parents to Consider a Christian Education for Their Children

7 Reasons for Parents to Consider a Christian Education for Their Children

There are many reasons some parents prefer a Christian education for their children compared to one offered by a public school. Finances, location and academic deficiencies usually influence their decision along with wanting to include religious lessons. Below, we’d like to go over seven solid and compelling reasons why you should consider a Christian education for your child at St. John’s Episcopal Church and School.

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Christ’s Word is Taught

When deciding how to manage your child’s education, it might seem daunting to want an environment where their spiritual being is invigorated. It’s almost impossible in a public school setting. St John’s, however, offers a biblical and refreshing environment where studies such as math, biology and history infuse a child’s knowledge while teaching them how to be a good Christian.

Wisdom and understanding are God-given rewards and by-products that every student should strive for. Most Christian parents know that God expects them to plant the seed of His Word in the hearts and minds of their children. Sending your child to a place that has the same common message about God’s clarity and truth will implement conviction and consistency in your child.

Important Values

Most Christian parents teach their children about God at a very young age. They’ve been to church with them and are read the Bible. Public schools are prohibited by law from reinforcing the same values and beliefs you teach at home. St John’s cares about the mental and spiritual development in your child. Here, they’ll be entrusted with educators who share the same values.

A Safe Environment

At a public school, you may notice a few students walking the halls with no discipline or respect for their educators. Public schools also have more frequent occurrences of physical violence, bullying and theft. A Christian school, however, is a safer place for your child to learn, be who they are and receive an education.

Academic Achievement

Do a little research and you’ll find that students at Christian schools consistently out-perform their public school counterparts. Christian schools better prepare students for college so that when it’s time to face the real world, they’ll be more comfortable and ready.

Caring Educators

One of the reasons Christian children perform better in the classroom is because private school teachers form stronger academic bonds with them. These individuals work hard to do more intrinsic good. In addition to the satisfaction they get from helping students, these educators love God just as much. While you can find Christian educators in the public system, the best example is when teachers, parents, the principal and school board are on the same page.

Individual Attention

While Christian schools have more caring teachers, they also have the benefit of offering more individual attention to students when compared to public schools. At St John’s, we provide an environment that’s more intimate and encourage students to participate rather than spectate. Students gain valuable experience sharing what’s on their minds and learn far quicker as a result of sharing opinions.

Strict Guidelines on Peer Pressure

Bad company can corrupt good morals, no matter what you teach your children at home. While children will be faced with experiencing bad company wherever they go, in a Christian private school, they’re less likely to be surrounded by destructive influences. Positive roles models are plentiful in a school like St John’s, and your child will start forming habits that will help them later in life.

Start Your Child’s Spiritual Journey

We understand that there are many well-equipped public schools in McAllen, but these institutions will not allow your child to grow spiritually or give them the experience the Bible offers. We encourage you to call or visit us today to help your child start reaping the benefits of a Christian education.

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