What You Can be Doing to Grow Spirituality During the Summer!

What You Can be Doing to Grow Spirituality During the Summer!

Ask any student what they look forward to the most each summer and they’ll likely say free time, enjoying the outdoors, playing video games and sleeping in! We’re sure you have more than enough activities planned, however. You might even be considering a part time job to help you save some money for the next school year. What if we told you that you can do it all while making a difference in the lives of others? Let’s take a look at what you can do!

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Leadership Skills

Personal growth and spiritual enlightenment is what Christian summer camps or summer church activities are all about. You’ll learn from a group of leaders that you can trust and who’re aware of the needs that each student has. In these activities, you’ll learn how to take and give direction and ultimately learn to lead your team to meet any objective.

Keep Growing Spiritually

Christian students can sometimes face challenges that put their faith in action. Summer school activities and summer camps, for example, can be demanding, involving longer hours that stretch into the afternoon where students will be faced with situations and decisions unlike those they’ve never dealt with before. Your friends might also come to you for help or guidance with their own challenges. This is where you both can ask God for guidance while growing spiritually together.

Teamwork Makes it Happen

One of the greatest abilities you can have when in class or in a career later in life is working as a team player. Whether you’re working at a store, at your grandfather’s ranch, in the kitchen or in a high school study group, being able to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals will help you meet a common goal for the benefit of everyone!

Become a Master Communicator

Spending time at our church during the summer or enrolling in a Christian summer camp will have you dealing with a variety of fun activities where you’ll communicate effectively. You’ll learn to be a superb listener and engage to help change the lives of those around you. Learning how to communicate the Christian philosophy in an effortless manner can also help your listeners understand and comprehend complex matters.

Stepping Up to the Plate

If the opportunity arises to join a summer Christian camp or summer school activity, then don’t be afraid to join in! You never know, you might meet someone who needs your help just like you did at one point. You just never know the difference you can make in people’s lives with just a single conversation!

Growing Spiritually with St. John’s

At St John’s Episcopal Church & School, we know that an education is just the first journey a child will make. Here, we teach students the academics you’d find at the best schools with one key difference – it’s coupled with a Christian curriculum that will enhance their emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being! If you feel that your child could use this unique experience, then contact our Christian school in McAllen today!

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