What We Do

St. John’s Episcopal Church is a community dedicated to celebrating and serving Jesus Christ through a life of worship, spiritual formation, fellowship and service. With a clear vision of God’s intended plan for all and a mission to let His love be known, we aim to continue our growth by God’s grace.

A Life of Worship

At St. John’s Episcopal Church, we strive to make our times of worship accessible to everyone by creating a comforting, engaging and inspiring atmosphere. We participate in regular corporate worship, coming together to acknowledge the holiness of God, hear God’s Word, offer prayer and celebrate the sacraments.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual formation is of great importance at our church. With a focus on comprehensive Bible study for adults, active Youth and family programs, and a Sunday school program for children, we strive to teach our congregation how to follow Jesus Christ as disciples in our daily life and work.

Commitment to Fellowship

We strive to strengthen bonds and commitment to one another in fellowship with God and Jesus Christ. Regular retreats and youth group gatherings enable us with the opportunity to thrive, love and worship together.

Offering Our Service

Spiritual growth is achieved by following the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through active service in the church and community. At St. John’s Episcopal Church, we take pride in our efforts to provide services through our community outreach and missionary efforts. In doing so, our congregation helps those in need of assistance and broadens our own spiritual awareness and knowledge of the world.

Join Us

The doors of St. John’s Episcopal Church are open to anyone who seeks to worship and embrace the life and abundance God has provided for us. We invite you to join us.