How to Comfortably Share Your Faith with Your Friends and Schoolmates

How to Comfortably Share Your Faith with Your Friends and Schoolmates

One of the things students will notice at a place like St. John’s Episcopal Church & School is how important faith becomes, not just to you, but also to those around you. It might seem like climbing a mountain when starting a conversation with a friend or fellow classmate about God, faith and religion.

Not knowing where people stand, how they feel about attending church or being around Christians can be overwhelming. Yet, sharing the love you have for your faith doesn’t have to be. Think of it as sharing what you cherish most!

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Be Prepared

The best thing to do when approaching a friend or classmate about God’s Word is having an answer ready. Run through potential conversations in your head before they happen and prepare an answer for each one. We know, it might sound a bit silly, but it can be difficult to answer a question that different people have an answer for.

For example, if you’re asking a friend who’s having a hard time at home how things are going, prepare for a variety of possible answers. If he/she replies with “Not great”, talk to them about how God knows all of the troubles that they’re facing. Explain how God wants for us all to be happy and to believe that this troubling period will soon pass.

There is a Time and Place

Always be aware that there are certain conversations that are better suited for certain places. For example, a quick chat about what was discussed during Sunday school during lunch or after school might be ideal, but not during class or while homework is being done.

Being aware of your surroundings is the key here, and don’t feel the need to do everything on your own. Ask God to give you the insight into someone’s needs. Remember that there is a time and place for everything. This is crucial to avoiding starting a conversation on the wrong foot.

It’s also extremely important to know when you’re insight is appreciated. Don’t force your views or intentions on someone going through a rough time. Only do so if you feel that it would be appreciated.

What You Should Do

Actions speak louder than words. This saying resonates because the way you live is proof in what you believe and whom you follow. This is why it’s important to live every day with a love for God, yourself and those around you. When practicing love, people will notice your true, kind spirit and may pause to listen whenever you have something to say.

There won’t be times every day when you can share your faith, which is why it’s important that actions reflect what you believe in. If you preach compassion, love, integrity and understanding, then personify those characteristics throughout the day with your friends and classmates.

Learning and Living at St. John’s

Remember that sharing what you love most about God shouldn’t be the most challenging thing you do. It’s as simple as preparing for a conversation, learning when to speak and acting thoughtfully. This will help you to be open when God prompts you to speak His word.

At St. John’s Episcopal Church & School, learning and sharing the love we have for God is part of an everyday endeavor. If you’re a parent who’s ready to instill these values into your children’s education, then contact our Christian school in McAllen today.

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