How to Help Your Child’s Spiritual Growth – Part 1

How to Help Your Child’s Spiritual Growth – Part 1

One of the wonderful things that St. John’s Episcopal Church and School offers during a student’s journey is spiritual growth. It’s one of our core goals and perfectly represents our mission. Parents can also gently guide their children towards a more fulfilling life of service and gratification.

At St. Johns, we offer an environment of love, support and security for young minds looking to take the next step in their spiritual journey. Contact us today to learn how your child can benefit from our curriculum.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Spiritual growth isn’t something that can be graded, and it is hard to measure, observe and program. Ultimately, God is the one responsible for the spiritual growth in every person. So where does this leave parents and caregivers? What can they do to help guide youngsters into becoming mature followers of Jesus?

If you’ve made the decision to guide your child through this wonderful journey, you should begin by answering a couple of questions. It’s important to answer them practically because the conversation of spiritual growth can quickly become idealized and abstract. So, do your best to answer the following:

  • What exactly is “spiritual growth?”
  • What is spiritual growth like for a child?
  • What are the traits and characteristics of a spiritually mature child?

After doing this, think for a minute and ask yourself what your answers mean to you. Below are some possible responses, which are in no way definitive. We hope that these thoughts start the conversation in your home and stimulate the topic. Remember, the most important thing is how YOU answer these questions.

What is Spiritual Growth?

Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Christian faith, so it’s natural that any discussion about spiritual growth revolve around Him. Spiritual growth is a process by which a person becomes and follows the teachings of Christ. It’s not an easy task, and requires full devotion. The concept of spiritual growth applies to every Christian regardless of maturity level and age. This will affect their thoughts, actions, words, financial habits and relationships.

What is the Process Like for Kids?

This is an important question, and you must ask yourself, “In what specific ways should we expect a youngster to grow spiritually?” We’re all created equally in God’s vision, but everyone’s spiritual journey will be different and spiritual growth for youngsters encompasses a few key traits.

First, everyone starting a spiritual journey should understand that it is a lifelong commitment, not just another daily or weekly school activity. Secondly, it’s incredibly important that students begin to make the commitment of connecting their beliefs about Christ with their lives and the choices that they make throughout the day. Third, beginning to experience the life of a Christian and how it will affect peers, relationships and everyone around is something that must be taken at one’s own pace. If your child is taking the steps above, then there’s a good chance he or she will grow spiritually over the school year.

The Traits of a Mature Youngster

Based on the answers you provided and the ones we defined, a spiritually mature child, for example, should have the following traits:

  • He or she identifies as a follower of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives, and is attempting to live as closely aligned to the morals, ethics and teaching of a Christian.
  • They should receive the unwavering support of Christian peers through encouragement and support.

The topic above is just a springboard to help start the conversation at home regarding your child’s spiritual journey. It’s a helpful place to start when thinking about spiritual growth for children of all ages. We hope the questions above will help any person looking to start the beautiful and fulfilling journey of following Jesus Christ.

St. John’s Can Guide Your Child

At St. Johns Episcopal Church and School, we want every student to grow spiritually, and we trust that parents will make the right choice when starting the conversation at home. We want to hear from you if you feel that our private school in McAllen can play a large role in your child’s development.

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