How to Help Your Child’s Spiritual Growth – Part 2

How to Help Your Child’s Spiritual Growth – Part 2


At St. John’s Episcopal Church and School, one of our main goals is to help children grow spiritually. And while even parents might feel daunted by the task of teaching their children the importance of spiritual growth, there is always room to learn, especially when dealing with more than one child. Getting started is the most important aspect of it all, and there are a few general spiritual growth principles you can apply to your child to make it easier.

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Speak to Your Child

We know that working-class parents can have difficulty setting aside time at the end of the day to sit down and talk with their children about their day. Couple that with steering the conversation towards a spiritual direction and it might be even more challenging. Make the effort to plan ahead and dedicate the time to do so. This shows your child the importance of communication with God and His teachings.

Get Them Involved with the Christian Community

Try to get your child involved with other Christians with the same interests. This can include Christian environments like our own church in McAllen. Just keep in mind that youth groups don’t necessarily work for everyone, so consider several options before following through. Encourage local or weekend activities where your child can have fun with other like-minded Christians. Being around them can help your child as he/she tries to figure out what it’s like to be a follower of Christ.

Surrounding your children with people who’ve had many spiritual experiences and advice to share will deepen your child’s knowledge of Christianity. Some examples would be people from your family who follow Jesus Christ or leaders in your church’s youth ministry.

Encourage Them

Encouraging your child to participate in developing spiritual disciplines is a great idea, but it’s extremely important to not force them into doing it. For example, don’t badge them every day about reading the Bible or praying. Let them come to it on their own.

Even better, have a once-a-week Bible reading period where you and your child can share what you’ve learned during the session. When your children are struggling with certain life situations, encourage them to speak about it and ask for direction. You can even pray together in asking God for guidance!

Give Them Space

Give your child the space to naturally ask any questions about their faith. They’re still relatively young and, naturally, they’re going to have questions about almost anything that they are curious about. Create an environment of trust where they can feel comfortable talking with you about anything, including their faith.

A Private School Your Child Will Love

If you’d like to explore how St John’s Episcopal Church and School can help your child grow spiritually, call or visit us anytime. We’re here to help guide them through spiritual conversations while providing a welcoming environment surrounded by Christian peers to help develop their character. We know it’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity to start shaping your child into the individual he or she is meant to be!

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