Earning an education is one of the greatest journeys your child will ever take. To start him/her on the right path, it’s important to choose an exceptional school that provides rigorous academics, instills a lifelong love of learning and weaves Christian values into the curriculum. For over half a century, the McAllen private school at St. John’s Episcopal School has done just that.

St. John’s nurtures children within a Christian environment that emphasizes scholastic excellence and promotes enduring intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. We provide a challenging academic program founded on love and security combined with discipline within a dynamic learning environment.

A Truly Inspired Education

St. John’s Episcopal Day School educates preschool (2 years of age) through 6th grade students and provides a comprehensive academic program that will aide in the development of your child’s mind, body and spirit. A child’s educational needs grow and change throughout their formative years. At our McAllen private school, each child’s classroom and curricular experience is shaped to meet their individual learning needs and styles.

The goal of our talented faculty and staff members is to provide an education that will help students be academically prepared, socially responsible and spiritually aware as they enter the next stage of their life. Through the individualized attention provided by faculty, students are given the opportunity for self-discovery as they develop and broaden their skills and talents.

Empowering Next Generation Thinkers

At St. John’s, we empower next generation thinkers by challenging and motivating students in an academically and spiritually stimulating environment. Each student is equipped to embrace the future through curriculum programs that focus on problem solving, logic and critical thinking. Our students are also encouraged to develop moral integrity and character through the incorporation of compassionate service programs.

St. John’s academic framework is centered on spiritual and ethical values, a passion for learning and the development of a strong character. We believe this allows our students to build the foundation they need to become successful young leaders capable of making positive impacts in our global society.

MISSION STATEMENT: St. John’s Episcopal Day School provides each student with a well-rounded academic program that develops their full competence, creativity, character and compassion within a Christian environment. Through attainment of this mission, we produce responsible young individuals equipped to live a life worthy of a child of God.



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