Second Grade

Olga Solis

The new school year has begun and I couldn’t be more excited to start my year with a wonderful group of new second graders! There will be lots of fun and exciting learning going on in class this year! This year we will learn multiplication, write in cursive, and read some interesting novels. I look forward to taking you on an exciting learning adventure and make many memories of our year together!

Mrs. Solis

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Curriculum for Grade 2

Curriculum for Grade 2

Language Arts

The study of sentence structure is continued by the use of the four kinds of sentences, subject and predicate, common/proper nouns, plural nouns, verbs (agreement, past tense and linking), adverbs, and adjectives. The student use this knowledge to write paragraphs, stories, poems, letters, and reports.


The students have weekly stories or in class novels, which teach them how to expand their vocabulary, predict outcomes, use figurative language, sequence of events, comprehension, context clues, main idea, and important ideas. Learning these important skills helps our students to become strong independent readers. Students are also assigned an Accelerated Reader goal each nine-week grading period.


Components become more detailed with addition/subtraction strategies, number patterns, comparing and ordering, data and graphing, counting and using money, two-digit addition and subtraction, plane shapes, solid figures, unit measurement, simple fractions, the introduction to multiplication fact families, and three digit addition and subtraction.


The study of animals and their habitats, exploring matter, energy in motion, Earth’s surfaces, space, weather, how living things are grown and change, and natural resources are introduced throughout the year. Students express their knowledge through projects, reports, hands-on activities and dioramas.

Social Studies

Students are introduced to the American heritage and symbols, landforms, communities, maps, economics, resources, government, cultures, and locating information through reading. Students will be introduced to historical figures.

Physical Education

Students in Second Grade attend Physical Education classes twice each week. Students acquire the knowledge and skills for movement that provide the foundation for enjoyment, continued social development through physical activity, access to a physically-active lifestyle, and the relationship between physical activity and health.

Physical skills are developed through fun activities that include cooperative games, playground games, jump rope, hoop play, parachutes, soccer, basketball, kickball, bowling, beanbags, rhythmic awareness, fitness concepts, and much more. Students can participate in Jump Rope for Heart in the fall and Field Day in the spring.

The main focus in Physical Education is having fun while learning physical skills that will allow students to enjoy physical activity throughout their lives.


The Second Grade attends Computer classes each week. In the early part of the year, they will review topics previously learned in computer classes. They will continue working on the correct finger placement and on accuracy of the alphabetic keys on the keyboard and will also add the numeric keys. They will continue working with Microsoft Office Word and they will learn basic Internet research techniques. Students will use the skills learned to create documents for assignments in their classroom.


In Second Grade students attend Music classes each week. Students will enjoy more movement and interaction during music through dance, acting, singing, etc. Students are encouraged to play an instrument and/or to join the school choir, which reinforces their music theory skills and performance skills. They may audition to be a St. John’s Worship Singer during Chapel. Preparations for their Christmas program begin in the late fall. They learn a variety of songs and movements for this event. They are reminded about performance etiquette and what types of behavior should be modeled during a performance. Music theory continues as students learn to read and count notes in rhythm. Students learn how many beats each note gets, and how to count them in different rhythm patterns; some of which include quarter rest and the introduction of the half rest.


Second grade students attend Art classes all year.

Students acquire knowledge of various artistic techniques—color, texture, form, etc. through many hands on activities. We work with pastels, modeling materials, paints (acrylics and watercolors), paper weaving, and many other materials. Our Art program is constantly evolving depending on what inspires us at the moment.

Since our border heritage is so very influential to the Rio Grande Valley, our Art program is infused with an emphasis of these culturally rich traditions, customs, and vibrant colors. We do an in depth unit on Dia de los Muertos in which 1st-6th grades participate in this unique celebration of life. Through books, vocabulary, hands on activities such as art, altar building, & sugar skull making all grades contribute to a magnificent exhibition that highlights all the work that goes into celebrating this very special and often misunderstood holiday.


The Rosetta Stone Program is self-paced allowing students to learn and master the Spanish language at their level. It provides feedback on their mastery, allowing students to repeat units until they truly understand the content. Students can use the program at home, as well as at school. While the early lessons are speaking and listening, as the students become more proficient, they will also learn to write in Spanish. We believe the Rosetta Stone Program fits our unique needs at St. John’s for a comprehensive program that allows our students to learn and master Spanish.

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Second Grade Teachers

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