What You Should be Doing to Properly Prepare for Your Exams in the New School Year

What You Should be Doing to Properly Prepare for Your Exams in the New School Year

We know that tests and exams can be daunting and stressful experiences for any student. Just knowing the dates of a test can be stressful, but understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s go over a few ways that can help you remain calm and headstrong while becoming emotionally, intellectually and spiritually ready for any exam that St John’s Episcopal Church & School has in store for you.

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The Power of Prayer

As with anything you do as a Christian, before delving into your schoolbooks and class notes, take a moment to pray and clear your mind while becoming more comfortable with your situation. Remember that a clear mind and within the comfort of God’s presence, you can tackle anything in school.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Putting off studying until the last minute can be tempting and an easy way to get away from your responsibilities. Keep in mind that this is your academic well-being. Putting something off because you’re feeling lazy or just don’t want to deal with it can cost you in the long-run. Failing a test tomorrow because you didn’t study for it will mean having to do much better on later tests to ensure that you don’t fail your class. Always think of the future when it comes to your studies.

Look for a Study Group

Having a study group is helpful and supportive as you might have learned through your experiences at school or through a church youth group. You and fellow students can take turns quizzing each other on the topics that’ll inevitably come up in the exam. Each student will have a unique insight into certain aspects of the subject that you might not have even thought about! Regardless, getting together with like-minded students will help you remain calm and at ease when it comes time to thumb through your notes and books.

Rest Up

We’ve all read and heard stories of students staying up all night studying for their exams. You might be thinking that this can help your test scores, but it can actually be quite bad for you. Neglecting yourself of a proper amount of sleep will not only leave you exhausted when it comes to testing time, it can also leave you quite distracted. Instead of focusing on correctly answering test questions or writing out answers, you’ll more than likely just be thinking of sleeping. Do yourself a favor and get enough sleep the night before your exam.

Prepare for Your Tests at Our Christian School in McAllen

Being a student at St John’s Episcopal Church & School isn’t necessarily all about tests and studying. Yes, here you’ll discover incredible subjects to tickle your brain, but you’ll also meet other Christian students who are experiencing the same things that make up all of our lives. Remember, if you plan ahead for your exam, you’ll feel less stressed, be more prepared and even more headstrong. If you’re a parent who’s looking for a Christian school in McAllen to provide the education that your kids need, then contact us today!

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