Being Relaxed: What You Can do to Overcome Your Student Stress

Being Relaxed: What You Can do to Overcome Your Student Stress

During our youth, we have almost everything to be happy about, but as we age and responsibilities start piling up, stress can take effect. Whether it’s worrying about the latest exam or which college to attend, stress can creep up when you can least afford to deal with it.

As any of your fellow students will tell you, almost every minute is spent thinking or worrying about something. While at times it might seem almost impossible, living a stress-free life to ensure that your education isn’t affected isn’t too hard. Follow our tips below to help you stay relaxed during the school year.

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Have a Well-Balanced Diet

Chips, cookies, sugary drinks or anything unhealthy will certainly cause your body to crash, both mentally and physically. Try including fruits and plenty of fresh ingredients in your meals. Consider juices rich in Vitamin C like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or orange juice. They’re great for your immune system and can help you be alert and ready, especially when study time approaches. Or, you can just go for water. When tired, instead of reaching out for a sugary drink or hamburger, consider eating some lean proteins with vegetables.

Meditate and Talk to God

Starting your day by sitting down and meditating for 10 to 15 minutes can help relax your stress levels. Remember to breath calmly to allow oxygen to enter your bloodstream. Also, use this as an opportunity to be at peace with God. Be open to Him about what you’re currently going through. You may find that His message becomes clearer when you’re in a calm and quiet place.

Exercise and Meet New People

If you’re already part of a sports team at school, then great! You’re already doing something to deal with your stress! Being part of a sports team can help your body fight stress by helping you feel good and relaxed after playing for an hour or so. Even a short walk in the park can help you burn off some steam.

We understand that keeping up with an exercise routine can be tough when you’re trying to balance school and a home life, but once you start, you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately. You’ll begin to feel more relaxed and accomplished when you’re through. Plus, you might even make some new friends while you’re at it!

Take Breaks

Breaks between studying and extracurricular activities are important. Make time to do things that don’t require you to think about school or homework, like helping others or signing up for a church project. Doing something that doesn’t require the normal thought process of the week could help you wind down a bit from what’s stressing you out.

Avoid Social Media Distractions

Many students in today’s digital world spend way too much time on social media. Trying to see what their friends are up to, sending text messages and playing gaming apps are not only distracting, they can also cause you to procrastinate, meaning you’ll have to rush with whatever it is you need to do, be it homework, studying or a class project.

A Stress-Free Life at St John’s

God doesn’t want us to spend a minute worrying about things that we have no control over. He is the one that gives you the resources to overcome anything, including ridding stress. Remember to put your trust in Him because all of that worrying is a distraction from what really matters: your family and education. At our Christian school in McAllen, you can learn to replace anxiety and worry with peace.

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