Picking the Right Preschool for Your Child

If your child is ready for their first day of school, it’s up to you to find the best program for their future. Finding a school program that matches your needs and expectations can be a tricky process. Starting your search early can pay off in the long run, especially when deadlines come around and all spots are filled at the school you’re considering. Whether you’re a first-time parent or are simply searching for a new school for your children, use the following tips to learn how to pick and register for the right educational program in your area.


Know What You Want

List your priorities when deciding on the right preschool for your child. Ensure that your child will be happy at their new school and that you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve picked the right place. Take the following questions into consideration:

  • Do I need a school that is close to home or work?
  • What kind of curriculum am I looking for?
  • What values and policies do I expect from the school?
  • What extracurricular activities does the school offer?
  • What are the educators like in the classroom environment?


Do Some Research

Seek information and guidance from a variety of sources, such as friends, family, experts and the Internet. We tend to trust personal references more than any other source. Ask around to see if anyone can recommend a good, reputable preschool. You’ll see that most people nearby have an opinion when it comes to the best schools for their children. If you’re familiar with any other families at the school, you may want to use them as references.


Scope Out the Scene

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you can start the real research. Tours and meet and greets with the educators at your school of choice are important. You can ask a few questions over the phone while you schedule an appointment. Ask about various topics like the school’s philosophies, fees, vacation schedules, policies, nutritional programs and other important topics. This gives you a chance to determine how receptive the staff is before making a trip.

During the tour, ask about classroom size, teacher-student ratio and other topics that concern you.

Take Your Kiddo on a Tour

You may have your heart set on a couple of schools, but your child could feel different. Before applying, make sure they’ve taken a tour of the campus. How do the students and teachers interact with your child? Are the educators interested in learning about him/her? Does your child enjoy the general atmosphere? Being introduced to a new place and new people can be tricky, so pay attention to your child’s reactions and attitude.


Schedule a Tour with Us

If you’re considering enrolling your child at St. John’s Episcopal Church, we’d be more than happy to take you on a personal tour so you can familiarize yourself with our programs and educators. Call us at 956-686-0231 to schedule an appointment.