Summer Activities that All Christian Students Should Participate In!

Summer Activities that All Christian Students Should Participate In!

Summer ActivitiesWith summer already upon us, students everywhere will be looking forward to sleeping in and not having to worry about studying, homework and writing book reports. Sounds like a fantastic period! However, there will also be some students out there that will have nothing to do throughout the summer. In that case, let’s talk about some activities every Christian student should be implementing into their summer schedule!

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Keep Growing Spiritually

The summer is a great time to reflect, meditate and pray on the things that are clouding up your mind. There are more than a few resources available to you, such as reading the Bible, devotional guides, etc. What’s just as important is setting time aside to pray and reflect on what you’ve been blessed with every day. This includes your family, friends and health.

Continue Attending Church

Another priority for the summer that you can consider is to continue attending church. Staying in touch with God and His teachings can slowly wane during the summer, so it’s important to keep your relationship with Him as vibrant as ever. Use the summer to your advantage and invest in your relationship with God and your community. Attend Bible studies, which are also a great opportunity to get to know people the same age as you.

Keep Reading

This is the first thing many students stop doing. Try to find some quality material to read. Think about your favorite period in history or maybe some poetry to read up on. The point here is to keep reading and exercise your vocabulary. Maybe consider acquiring new skills by reading trade books or go for a piece of American literature. Of course, you can also read your Bible if nothing else interests you!

Learn a New Skill

Speaking of learning a new skill, think of something you may want to develop over time. Maybe you want to improve your typing skills or learn a new language. Summer is the perfect period to start a new habit that’s going to make your life better or enrich it in the long run. You can also take part in community activities that benefit the local population.

A Summer Job

If you’re 16 or older, you may want to consider getting a part-time or even full-time job during the summer. Doing this can be a great way to help your parents will bills or you can even save up for something you’ve been wanting. Don’t forget to keep up with your chores around the house as well, such as cleaning up, mowing the yard and gardening.

Don’t Overspend

Summer is that one period of the year when we spend most of the day conjuring travel plans, spending time with friends or thinking about things we want. It’s easy to get into debt without even thinking about it. Even though you might still be young, avoid asking for too much from your parents and be conforming to what they can provide. Whether it’s the latest video game, smartphone or even clothes, there are some things you can do without unless it’s absolutely needed.

A Summer of Spiritual Growth

There are many possibilities around the corner with any of the above activities. Whether they fuel your spiritual practices or help you stay healthy and active, a summer filled with Christian values will certainly keep your mind and soul at ease. For parents wanting more information about our Christian school in McAllen, contact us today!

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