How to Tell When You’re Spiritually Drained and in Need of Refocusing

How to Tell When You’re Spiritually Drained and in Need of Refocusing

During school, it’s easy to become disillusioned about your grades, social life, after school activities and projects. It can become so overwhelming, in fact, that sometimes we end up being spiritually dehydrated without even realizing it. Let’s talk about the signs to look out for when going through spiritual dehydration and how the school environment at St. John’s Episcopal Church & School can help.

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Using Inappropriate Language

One of the signs of spiritual dehydration is unwholesome talk. What does this mean? Using bad language when under stress or in any other uncomfortable situation. There are moments at home and at school when life’s happenings can get the best of us. Remember, what you say can resonate powerfully to the person being spoken to. Being around people who constantly use bad language also increases the chances of you doing the same. Using inappropriate language will never resolve the solution, only action will.

Stressful Situations

Whether if it’s in our adult lives or teenage years, stress is bound to make a grand entrance sooner or later. It’s not when stress happens to you that determines your ability to overcome it, but how you react to it. If you’re feeling spiritually drained, a stressful situation can definitely blind you into making improper decisions. If you’re ever in a stressful position, whether it’s due to problems at home or in class, don’t think twice before seeking help with any of your teachers at St John’s Episcopal Church & School.

When you notice a friend or fellow classmate that seems to be withdrawn from social gatherings or school work, you may be dealing with someone who’s spiritually dehydrated. When people feel spiritually drained, everything from school, friends and family can be pushed to the backburner.


Jesus asks that those who are broken, tired and weak come to Him just as they are. He doesn’t want us to continue on with our broken lives without Him. Remember, He touched and changed thousands of lives in need as they walked in the path towards forgiveness. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance for a friend or even yourself!

Take Breaks

It isn’t uncommon for those who follow God to work themselves way too hard to earn His favor. The truth is that you should try to be the best servant every day, but putting your heart and best intentions at the forefront matter the most. Remember not to be afraid to rely on God when you’re in need. Spiritual renewal happens when you recognize God’s presence by being observant and following His scripture. There are things that are simply out of our control, but having the best intentions at heart is important.

There’s a Path at St John’s Episcopal Church & School

At our Christian school in McAllen, we understand the pressure that today’s children and teenagers face. With school, homework and friends, it’s easy for your spirituality to be affected. This is why our environment is designed to help elevate your everyday learning with a knowledgeable staff and a fun and caring student body. Nothing goes unnoticed here, and we all rally together to help our family get the most out of life. Visit us today and discover the benefits of being one of our students!

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