The Advantages of a Christian Education at St John’s Episcopal Church & School

The Advantages of a Christian Education at St John’s Episcopal Church & School

Every parent must one day make the decision regarding their young children’s education. Many feel that public school is the best choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, at St John’s Episcopal Church & School, our goal is to go above and beyond the normal education curriculum for children. Here, your child will find a place of spiritual and educational enlightenment unlike any other.

Give your child the spiritual and social benefits that come from an education at St John’s Episcopal Church & School!

Material You Can Trust

At our private school in McAllen, you won’t have to worry about your child being exposed to topics that don’t align with your beliefs. There is no questionable textbook material here and parents will also be able to have a better relationship with teachers because the foundation is already similar. In other words, there is common ground between parent and instructor.

A Positive Learning Environment

Christian schools usually have the advantage of smaller class sizes, which means a much smaller teacher-to-student ratio compared to those seen in public schools. How does your child benefit from this? Well, this means that teachers can work closer to students, allowing more time for individual academic attention. The end result is higher student achievements and scores.

Better Relationships

While we’re all far from perfect, children in Christian schools like ours have more positive peer influences than they would find in a public school. St John’s is a great place where children and teenagers alike can make great and lasting friendships.

An Engaging Community

A Christian education can offer a strong community to people who share the same interests, goals, values and beliefs. A community such as ours allows people and students to connect with other families, teachers and staff through school events and more. Serving and doing good to the community is reiterated here, which is an important step in service learning. This will help your child develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills, which can help them develop the values of hard work and caring for their fellow peers.

Spiritual Freedom

You can rest assured that the material taught to your child is in line with your beliefs. The spiritual freedom they’ll experience helps their faith, as they’ll be able to speak of God freely.

Character Building

Christian schools are not all about just learning from a textbook. Our children learn values every day that last a lifetime. Much-need character building is essential in today’s social environment.


Christian schools have stronger behavioral and dress code standards. If you want your child to learn about self-disciple with social interactions and academics, St John’s is the institution to choose. A safe environment is also a place where students can excel and learn. Nothing is better than a school where students are more likely to feel safe and less fearful about their daily social interactions.

Educational and Spiritual Learning at St John’s

A Christian education might not be for every family, but if you do happen to agree with our points and are ready to start your child’s private school education, then we encourage you to visit us. There are more than a handful of benefits for parents seeking a Christ-centered education. Visit our Christian school in McAllen today to set up a tour!

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