What is a Christian Life as a Teenager Like?

What is a Christian Life as a Teenager Like?


Deciding to follow the ways of Jesus Christ is one of the most important decisions your child will ever make. At St John’s Episcopal Church and School, we’ll help unlock your son or daughter’s potential in becoming the righteous Christian that Christ intended for him/her to be!

Many youngsters are ready to hit the ground running when it comes to their religion, but if your child isn’t too familiar with the Christian lifestyle, then he/she should know that there’s quite a journey ahead of them. Christ points out that life is challenging for those who follow Him, but He also pointed out that there was no reason to worry as He is on your child’s side!

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What Should My Child’s Christian Life be Like?

The first thing we must point out when it comes to being a good Christian is that there’s isn’t a check-off list of dos and don’ts in order to gain favor with Christ. One of the ways to be righteous is by having faith in Him. How should your child carry on and live their lives as Christians?

How Should My Child Love Christ?

When someone is loved, they end up having a healthy relationship with the person they’re sharing that love with. The same principle is applied to having a relationship with Christ. Encourage your child to talk to Him and read His word in the Bible. The best way for your child to remember who created him/her is by letting Christ become a part of their daily life so that they can garner strength to persevere with their troubles. Being an obedient person is another part of loving Christ, because He knows what’s best for everyone following in His ways. He will never guide your child down the wrong path.

How Can My Child Love Other People?

While we understand that there might be some people in your child’s daily life that seem unlovable, it’s important for them to understand to love them the way Christ loves him/her. Just remember that we are sometimes difficult to love as well, but that doesn’t change the love Christ has for us all.

Your child should learn to be compassionate, kind, merciful, patient and forgiving to his/her fellow students and other people all around them. It doesn’t matter what these people’s lifestyles are like, what their social status is or what they believe or don’t believe in. As a Christian, your child should aim to love all people unconditionally. Once he/she has made the decision to live their lives by Christ, they need to let go of their selfishness. Christ has much grace to provide us all with and strengthens us to live our lives as best we can.

A Christian Life in the Real World

St John’s Episcopal Church and School is a great place to start your child’s Christian journey. The Bible is also a great resource to read for guidance on the challenges that your child will face ahead. We hope these principles will help your child navigate their school and home life. Contact our Christian school in McAllen today to learn what we can do for your teenage child.

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